2023-01-22 The QuadNet Array is no long available on Brandmeister

QuadNet is an open system of digital voice channels anchored by two transcoding reflectors, URF307 and URF587, and two DMR+ servers, DMR+_IPSC2-QuadNet and DMR+_IPSC2-Quadnet2. We allow a variety of systems to link with us. (If you have a server or repeater you want to connect to QuadNet, please contact us!) Sadly, Brandmeister has decided our open system doesn't align with their goals and has severed their connection to the QuadNet Array.

2022-02-28 The QuadNet Array on URF307 has moved from module D to module A

In a bit of house-keeping, we have moved the QuadNet Array on URF307 from module D to module A. Both our URF reflectors, 307 and 587, are interlinked on modules A and C. Remember A is for the QuadNet Array and C is for the QuadNet Tech Chat.

2022-01-28 Our XLX reflectors have been upgaded!

Both of our transcoding XLX reflectors, 307 and 587, have been upgraded to URF reflectors. Just released, a URF reflector does everything an XLX reflector does, plus URF supports M17. M17 is an open-source digital voice protocol that uses Codec 2 vocoding, created by David Rowe, VK5DGR. To connect to the QuadNet Array on URF307, M17 clients can use and connect to module A. To connect to the QuadNet Tech Chat on URF587, M17 clients can use and connect to module C.

2021-02-22 Our IRC Routing Servers have changed!

In order to better serve the QuadNet D-Star Routing community, we are moving our D-Star Routing IRC Servers. The new URLs for the IPv4 and IPv6 IRC servers are ircv4.openquad.net and ircv6.openquad.net, respectively. There will still be a diminished server operating on rr.openquad.net to fulfill the login needs of clients still using that address, but it will no long provide IRC update messages to its clients. In other words, clients still using rr.openquad.net will no longer be able to find IP addresses for their desired routing targets. If you use routing on QuadNet, be sure to update the IRC routing server name in your hot-spot or reflector software. If you operation a Smart Group Server or are STARnet Server, you will also need to update those clients. If you do not do D-Star Routing, no action on your part is required. This move will not affect REF, DCS, XRF or XLX linking to any of our reflectors, XLX307, XLX587, XRF735 or XRF757.

2021-02-02 Group Routing changes

We are now no longer tracking and reporting routing groups we don't own. Individually owned Smart Group Servers and STARnet Servers running on our network still function perfectly. They just will no longer be listed on our Routing Groups webpage.

2021-01-27 New Code of Conduct

QuadNet has published a new Code of Conduct. Please feel free to visit this at any time as it may be updated occasionally.

2020-09-03 New Capabilities at QuadNet!

Coming soon, QuadNet's US C4FM North America YCS310 Server will be online soon! More information will be available shortly. Please stay tune.

2020-09-03 757 Service Interruption

XRF757 will be migrating to a new server on Wednesday September 9 at 8 PM eastern (GMT -4). It should take just a few minutes, but it's always possbile it could take longer. Sorry for the disruption!

2020-08-15 New Net

Be sure to check out a growing list of Nets hosted on the QuadNet Array.

2020-08-15 New Clients Supported

Two new very simple-to-use client types are now supported on our reflectors. Icom's G3 routing is now supported on XLX307, XLX587, XRF757 and XRF735. For supported radios and notes on how to connect, see the Getting Started page. Direct YSF linking from MMDVM-based hot-spots is now also supported on XLX307 and XLX587. PiStar can be configured to do this. Once you connect, press the Wires-x button on your Yaesu radio to get access to any reflector module.

2018-06-14 ARRL Field Day

We at QuadNet have been working with the ARRL to bring digital voice into the mix this field day. Field day sites across the US and Canada will be using the QuadNet Array to keep in touch with each other, share stories about how things are going as well as coordinate HF digital voice activity. The story has been featured in Amateur Radio Newsline, the amateurradio.com newsletter and quite a few other media outlets. Stations have already begun testing their stations in preparation for field day and more are joining us on the QuadNet Array on a daily basis.

To take part in the event, stations will need to either route to one of the following smart groups, link to one of the reflectors in the array or on brandmeister DMR use talkgroup 31012. Everyone is welcome to what is turning into a much anticipated activity this field day.

A description of the QuadNet Array can be found on the home page. If you need help getting started, check out the getting started page. If you run into any other issues or need to reach us for any reason, please check out the contact us page.

2018-06-11 DMR Now on the QuadNet Network!

You can now reach the QuadNet Array from your DMR radio! A new transcoder has been installed on XLX307 D providing full D-Star <--> DMR communications. The QuadNet Array is now the most feature rich routed/linked digital voice system available anywhere. For instructions on how to use the DMR functionality of the QuadNet network, see the getting started page.

2018-05-27 The QuadNet Network has been upgraded!

The QuadNet team is happy to announce that we have upgraded and consolidated our IRCDDB servers. The rr.openquad.net servers are running on more powerful hardware and we have new, custom IRCDDB code. We have redistributed the infrastructure and have been able to shrink the number of servers in the QuadNet Network even though our user base continues to expand. (We'll still hold on to the "Quad" part of our name!) If you have a callsign that begins with a number, you no longer have to prefix you rr.openquad.net login name with a letter. Only valid amateur radio licenses are accepted for login. Please don't abuse this simple rule for using QuadNet.

2018-03-22 Mobile routing to Smart Groups

The Smart Group Server is now compatible with mobile hot-spots! If you have a mobile hot-spot that is getting it's Internet from a smart-phone and is based on Johnathan Naylor (G4KLX) or Scott Lawson (KI4LKF) IRCDDB Gateway software (sorry OpenSpot users), you should be able to route to any Smart Group. This is a huge convenience feature for mobile users. No longer do you have to link and then switch back to "CQCQCQ". Just put your favorite Smart Group subscription callsign in the URFIELD of your radio, key-up to subscribe and you are ready to talk!

2017-12-2 New Routing Group Server

There is a new routing group server in town! Check out the new data available on the routing groups page. This new Smart Group Server is a custom server that communicates directly with the QuadNet IRCDDB server to provide more information about each channel than the original STARnet Group Server. While it's still in the "alpha" release stage, the source is available now, see https://github.com/n7tae/smart-group-server. Keep an eye on this. The smart-group-server is getting smarter all the time!